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    So remember those zipper bags I ordered where the foxes were cut off???

    Well, I will be getting them redone, but that still means I have a bunch of bags I can’t really sell for full price. I don’t know how well that’s going to go, so I figure I can do a giveaway to get rid of some of them! So here’s the deal, I have six bags I will send out to six of you guys, free of charge. That’s three ‘can you not’ designs and three ‘nope’ designs.

    To enter the giveaway, just reblog this post anytime between now and Monday, June 23rd. Likes do not count, and no, you don’t have to be following me. I will ship internationally, but I may whine about the cost later. (Don’t worry, I promise to follow through despite my whines.) I will then pick six winners at random, and they’ll get their choice of the two designs, first come, first serve style. I’ll be contacting the winners via askbox, so make sure to have them open. If I do not hear back from a winner in 48 hours, I will pick the next person.

    I believe that covers it. Happy giveaway, you guys! 

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    Took off my talkbox and boss ds-1
Still working on my M9 settings

    Took off my talkbox and boss ds-1 Still working on my M9 settings

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    Rearranged my room/music corner

    Rearranged my room/music corner

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    Hello beautiful.

    Hello beautiful.

  5. 2 years ago 

    goodmorningshipwreck said: D: madness!

    Its so crazy it just might work!! And on a side note I’m ordering a Line 6 M5 this week

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    Winter NAMM

    What are your top picks for what is coming out of Winter NAMM? Im interested in the Fender Pawn Shop Amps and possibly being able to go tomorrow! Fingers crossed.

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    Unique Pedalboards

    Cool idea for a pedalboard

    Check them out.

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    Pedal Pad Pedalboard

    Pedal Pad Pedalboard

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    An article I Found

    Pedal Boards – How to Enhance Your Playing Experience

    The beauty of the guitar as an instrument is that it is so diverse and fits into any genre of music. This incredible versatility in turn creates many different types of guitar player, from the pure blues player reliant on tone to effects laden experimental guitarists.

    Although greatly appreciative of pure tone and a simple set-up of just a guitar and amp, I always found myself to be inquisitive as to what other sounds I could get from my guitars. I suppose I just didn’t want to be a one-trick pony sound and style-wise and limit my playing to one or two genres of music.  Also, some of the music I was listening to when I was younger featured guitarists who were using various effects to give themselves a unique sound and try to make their music stand out from the crowd.

    Effects pedals have been developing since they first appeared in the sixties and there are now literally thousands on the market. They come in all shapes, colours and sizes and do all kinds of weird and wonderful things to the sound of your guitar. The problem is, once you buy one they become a bit addictive and you start looking out for others to add to your set up.

    Eventually, the net result is half a dozen or more pedals on the floor, all requiring three connections (in, out & power) every time you want to rehearse or perform live. In a live situation if you’re sharing a stage with other bands/artists, floor space is often an issue. There are times when I’ve done a soundcheck and got everything right and then had to shove it all over to one side to make way for the next band and then shove it all back when it’s my turn to perform. There is always the inherent danger of some clumsy oaf standing on your leads and damaging sockets, pedals or worse. After playing, everything needs to be disconnected and either carefully packed into boxes (which don’t last long) or shoved into a bag where your nicely painted stomp boxes get scratched and chipped.

    The inevitable solution to these issues suffered by many a guitarist (and roadie!) was to construct some kind of board and mount all the pedals on the top. The advantages of a decent pedal board are numerous: practical, time saving, pedal saving, ease of use and they look good! If the pedals are securely mounted it gives the player so much more confidence as they won’t slide around on the floor which can affect the connections resulting in loss of sound or crackling noises.

    The most popular way of attaching pedals to a board is to glue Velcro to the pedals and board and then attach them. As you probably know, the trouble with this is it’s not totally secure and does come loose after time. Also, as with all vintage gear, some pedals are becoming increasingly collectable so glue and Velcro would devalue them and reduce the asking price if you decided to sell. With a Unique Pedal Board your pedals are preserved and the value maintained.

    A different option to having individual pedals is a multi effects unit. Unfortunately, some of the effects don’t sound very good, programming can be hard work, they can be very expensive and as they quickly become obsolete, reselling them can be difficult.

    Therefore, in terms of investing in quality gear in the long run, it makes financial sense to go down the individual pedal route rather than a multi effects unit. With individual pedals avoid gluing Velcro to them. Then if you decide to change a pedal you can sell it for its maximum price because it’s in good condition.

    Some effects pedals quite happily run off batteries for several hours while others require a power supply. There can be noise issues such as hum when using the various power options, but I find a quality isolated power supply to be the quietest, neatest and most efficient way of powering my pedals. I don’t like to risk using batteries which can start losing power without warning.

    People have converted suitcases, used planks of wood and various other materials to construct DIY boards, but there is no alternative to a professionally made one. It just looks the part. Why have a nice shiny expensive guitar and amp and then plonk a DIY board made out of wood off cuts and plastic in front of your audience? Placing the board in a flight case is a must. It protects the pedals during transportation, especially if it’s raining outside, and keeps the dust off them which can interfere with their performance in the long run. Now I just take of the lid, plug in the power lead and cables between amp/guitar and play. Simple. Remove the hassle, playing is what it’s all about.

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    I hate messy cables

    I hate messy cables

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    Check this out


    Niall Moody is a 23 year-old student (and Japanese video game geek) from Glasgow doing a PHD in Music Technology. He’s written a bunch of interesting VST plugs - like Particle Fountain and Sine Synth. His new thing is a home-made guitar pedalboard to control all the VSTs in his computer. He made it of wood, a few wires and an old joystick, then wrote a neat host application to make it all work. As he says, he couldn’t afford NI’s ‘Guitar Rig’, but he could always have bought a Behringer FCB1010MIDI pedalboard for £99, though they’re so baffling to program he was probably better off starting from scratch. The pedalboard instructions come with the free software here.

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‘58 Deluxe


    ‘58 Deluxe

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    I Want To Know More About The People That Follow My Tumblr!

    Simple things, like why do you follow me? What do you like about this blog? What Don’t you like about it? What do you want to see more of? Instruments you play, want to play, are you in a band? Do you know of any bands you want to share? What is your favorite type of effect? Favorite guitar brand, least favorite brand?

    I want to know more about you guys and gals so I can make this blog better.

    Thanks =]


I have a fascination for effect pedals and pedalboards. I love seeing how other players set theirs up and discovering new pedals. I'm a fan of guitar equipment in general. So submit your boards and gear and give me a description of it and why it works for you.